Sunday, May 13, 2007

"You won a Big Ass Ham!"

You know he practiced this pose in front of the mirror! He probably even called his baby's momma over to check it out. I can picture him on the floor doing faces for his son Harry. Any guy that will practice funny faces is my kinda guy.
I DVR the Late Show with David Letterman every night and watch it religiously.
Audience show and tell, stupid pet tricks, will it float?, stupid people tricks, great moments in presidential speeches, the top ten list, throwing stuff off the roof, Jack Hanna's animals; I could go on and on - all classics. What happened to "big ass ham'? He used to give away "big ass hams" all the time just like when he does "know your cuts of meat" he always gives a box of Lobel's meat away. I miss "big ass ham!"
It's cool each holiday when he has his mother on and he'll guess what kind of pie she made. Dave's a family man all the way. I like that now that he has a son he talks to everyone about their kids. You get a different perspective on a celebrity when they discuss their kids. Can you imagine being Robin Williams kid? The night the two of them went off about their kids I was in hysterics!
He mentions his "girl friend" but he seems very protective of her. That's nice.
One time when I was in New York City, I had the opportunity to get stand by tickets for the show. We were ,literally, the last ones in. We sat in the back row of the balcony on folding chairs.
It was still a fantastic experience. Vince Vaughn and Beck were the guests.
Now that I've been thinking - he popularized the phrase "Bite Me!" What happened to "Bite Me"? I guess it went the way of "Get Bent!" and "Ass Wipe!". Back in the day "Ass Wipe" was fight'in words! And you couldn't talk about anyone's mother unless it was a "Yo Momma" crack. They were alright if it was funny. "Yo Momma so big she only see you from a distance" - "Yo
Momma so ugly when she brush her tooth she scare the mirror."
Dave's good with repetition. For a while for no reason he'd start saying," Here kitty,kitty." Now it's a recording that says,"Hi rocking chair lady!." He's just a big goof but that's what's so cool!
I'm telling you from his funny socks to his insane antics, it's the best show on television!


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