Friday, May 25, 2007

With a Little Help From Your Friends...and Strangers?

19 months ago today, October 25, 2005, I received my diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

So many of my friends and family have supported me in so many ways.

My brother in law, Uncle Fred, has assumed all of my "guy" responsibilities. He's had to fix a flat on my wheelchair, pick up and move things, rebuilt my shower chair, baby sat me on our cruise and is "oncall" 24/7 for emergencies. He does remind us that He only works from 3 - 330 and he gets a 1/2 hour lunch.

My sister in law, Carol, is my medical sounding board, as well as cruise director. She also, along with Kathy's friend Jayne, gets my wife out of the house.

Our friend's Char and Nick keep my spirits high. Char flirts with me on the phone. At least that's the cover story! And Nick just keeps me laughing like he's done for over 46 years.{See Fun Series Blogs}.

The 4th floor boys keep me company and just baby sat me so my wife could attend our daughter's graduation. They really just fed me Sambucca.

My God Daughter has sponsored an ALS
Of course my wife and children have been fabulous!

The surprise has been the strangers - now friends - but when they entered my life they were strangers.

The ALS Regional Center through St. Peter's Hospital was my first "stranger" contact. From day one they have been a Godsend. They have monitored, improved and maintained my quality of life. Strangers, no more.

They have a thankless job. Working with a debilitating terminal disease daily. I've found that the best way to thank them is to get the word out there.

I did a segment on Channel 9 which led to a piece on and my wife and I participated in a one hour WMHT special on ALS. This year we're doing the Daly - Micheal's ALS Memorial Golf Tournament for the second time. I wish there was more to do!

In January my pulmonary numbers fell enough that Dr. Cooper recommended that I hook up with Hospice. Again strangers - again - no more.

My Hospice people are great! I have an aide, Kim, that comes every day. Poor woman has seen my old boney butt more than any one human being should have to. I can still do my bathroom duties on my own but I have trouble getting the drawers up! Send donation directly to her at....

Seriously, from the first time I had to ask for help it was just like the picture above - you extend your hand and there is a wealth of people to grab hold a take you on the ride.

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Nick Marino said...

We will ALWAYS be there! Cigars, single malt, sambucca and just about anything else except the Campbells soup!
Didn't they serve it the Bigsbee School cafeteria?