Thursday, May 10, 2007

Strawberry Fields

When I worked in Manhattan the office was at West 74th between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. On nice days we used to walk to Central Park at 72nd and 8th Avenue. This is where the Strawberry Fields Memorial to John Lennon is placed since John and Yoko used to come to this spot often because it is directly across the street from their apartment at 1 - 72nd Street - The Dakota Apartments. John was shot just outside the main entry gate of the Dakota. The building will be familiar to you since it was used for many movies; Rosemary's Baby, GhostBusters to name two.
Over 100 countries donated money and stones for the mosaic. The City of New York installed it.
We used to pick up lunch and people watch. Tourists and locals would come and many would place things on the mosaic. No one would remove anything. They would just look.
Those of you that knew me in the '60's know that I was not a Beatles fan but rather a Rolling Stones fan. If I had to pick my favorite Beatle it would have been John. He appeared the most creative to me. I also liked his politics of the time.
It was really something to sit in the park and watch with what reverence visitors approached. It was almost as if they thought he was there!
When you get to the city check it out. There is also a great chicken place, Dallas Barbecue, where everything is Texas sized. It's on 72nd Street between 8th and Broadway.

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