Thursday, May 31, 2007

"You Just Can't Make It Up"

This is a true story that falls into the " you just can't make this shit up" category!
Last fall my mother in law was in the hospital and my brother in law Fred's aunt was in a room across the hall. It was great for him since he could visit both of them.
One night Fred and Carol were there when we arrived to see Mom. Carol was laughing and told Fred to tell us about his aunt and started laughing again.
Apparently his aunt was quite demanding of the Nurses and was constantly ringing the nurse's station. Naturally this got old for the nurses who started to respond slowly. Fred's aunt did not appreciate the pace.
A Schenectady Police Officer had come to the nurse's station in response to a 911 call. Fred's Aunt Betty had called 911 for assistance since the nurse's were too slow!
No shit!

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