Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun Series #7 - "College Inn"

{see Fun Series #6- this is a continuation}

It didn't take Nick and me long to realize my brother was too drunk to drive but there was little we could do about it. How we made it all the way to Saratoga Lake with out incident is amazing.

The College Inn was a large bar right on the lake. It was packed all summer long - at night. It was almost empty when we arrived. The bartender was busy getting ready for that night's action and barely looked at us when we ordered. Nick and I ordered draft beer and my brother decided to switch to scotch. This was not a good thing.

We had only been there about an hour when my brother got into it with the bartender. When you ordered scotch and water, rocks they used to give you some scotch over ice and a small pitcher of water to add yourself. My brother had gotten sick right on the bar and was in the process of pouring the pitcher of water over it to wash off the bar just as the bartender looked up.

He grabbed my brother's hand to stop him. He noticed that Kurt's hand was deformed. He had been burned badly and had many skin grafts and had lost a finger. He said the worst possible thing," Get the hell out of here you drunk'n cripple."

I grabbed my brother as he went over the bar. Nick helped me get him out near the car. Kurt was shaking his fist at the bartender yelling, " Who you calling cripple!. Come on out an try it out...."

Kurt got behind the wheel, Nick rode shotgun and I was in the jump seat. Kurt was talking to himself and was really wasted. We were trying to get him to pull over and let one of us drive and that's when we rear ended the boat............

To Be Continued.....................

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Nick Marino said...

I won't comment until it's all over. Don't want to spoil any surprises.