Friday, May 11, 2007


One Halloween night, pre-driving age, we were walking around Colonial Manor looking for people we knew to throw eggs at and shaving cream. As we walked by a house with an open garage door,
I noticed a couple of pies sitting on the landing of the steps leading into the house.
Of course I had to have me some of that pie!
I tip toed in as quietly as I could and picked up one of the pies. It was an apple pie and it was still warm. Yes, I was a bright one, I figured out that's why they were outside - to cool.
Just as I was turning to leave, the house door opened and a lady stepped on to the landing.
Scaring the hell out of both her and me.
She started screaming,"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"
I started screaming,"AAAAAHHH!"
She jumped up and down.
I ran in place.
The whole time we both kept up the,"AAAAAAHHHHING!"
She'd ,"AAAAHHH!" and I'd,"AAAAAHHH!" back at her.
Finally, my friend yelled," Get your as out of there!"
Which is exactly the way I exited, ass first. I kind of back peddled while we both continued to,"AAAAAAAHHHH!"
We ran about three blocks before we stopped.
Damn, that was some good pie!

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Nick Marino said...

Bet a buck we're both in jail in about two more blogs!