Saturday, May 5, 2007

No Court, No Woo?

To woo - to seek affection with the purpose of romance, to court.
Young people no longer woo or court. No wooing, no courting - when I courted my wife. We wooed. I had to discuss this with her parents. Times have changed; for the worse say I. What times are these that young people feel that they no longer need to court or woo? They think it is medieval - well it probably is, but that's not the point.
My daughter, Kate, met her beau while working one summer in Lake George Village. They dated through the next school year, her at Oswego, him in Queensbury.The next summer she wanted to live with him and work again in the Village. Nay said I.
The beau and I met on neutral ground, drank scotch and discussed my unwillingness. I explained that I could not condone this and they did not. When did they stop sending girls to the nunnery?
They have continued to date. My daughter graduates in a fortnight and they now plan again to cohabitate. They have talked about apartments but no conversation with us. They've talked around the issue. She's 22 and he's 24 so they are adults, of age and will do what they will and have every right to.
He has been around alot and we think highly of him, as does our son and daughter in law. He's polite, helpful, very family oriented and thoughtful but I want old fashioned process . Not Sean Thorton & Mary Kate Danaher - John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara - Inesfree - "The Quiet Man " process; (Where is Michaeleen Flynn ?) but something!
My daughter will tell me I'm an asshole - what times are these that young people can speak so to a father and not court and woo?
I am the King of my castle, Master of my domain, head of the house and Lord of the manor;
So, say I, young Barkley, what are your intentions?


Kate Nichols said...

Dad, you're a fool.

glenn said...

Who the hell is Michaeleen Flynn?

Nick Marino said...

Agreed, Sir Knight! Perhaps a deed is in order. A royal oak felled by a herring or a diamond placed upon the hand of the fair maiden.

Knight of ni