Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun Series #3 - "Draw, You Lop Eared Jackass!"

"Be careful, you'll put someone's eye out", shades of
A Christmas Story, my mother said as I looked at my brand new Daisy Co2 BB pistol. Christmas in the early '60's.
This was a relatively peaceful time, when a kid could walk down the street with a BB gun and no one found it a bad thing.
When spring finally came Nick and I would go along the railroad tracks and shoot frogs. We found that after dinner seemed the best time - 6-6:30, it was calm and the frogs would be out in force.
One evening we got bored with this and were walking along the tracks when we spotted a construction site on Curry Road. Nothing draws kids like an empty construction site.
The Grant Shopping Plaza was just built. (It's been empty now for years! Abandoned!) As we came off the tracks behind the building Nick made a beeline to the Tool and Supply Shed, leaned his BB rifle against it, and pressed his face against a window to see what was inside.
This is one of those times that I worry about the statute of limitations and feel like I should say,
"Kids don't try this one at home!"
As he looked in I pulled my pistol and fired, fanning the hammer just like Roy & Hopalong would, breaking out each of the upper window panes. Naturally the glass fell on Nick.
He grabbed his rifle and shot out the bottom window panes, yelling,"Come out you flea bitten galoot, you varmint!"
He ran around one side I ran around the other. We "killed" the rest of the windows. None were spared. It wasn't a fair fight but it was fun.


Anonymous said...

Really nice blog! All the best to you and your family.

Nick Marino said...

The frogs lead to another story about a pain is the ass neighbor, a paper bag and flames.
Tell it Grumpy!