Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Lady

In February of 2004 I went to Columbia University for writer's workshop. This was the week of the 2 foot snow storm. The city just about shut down but by Wednesday everything was starting to reopen.
A friend and I went to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Leonardo DaVinci sketch exhibit.
I couldn't get over the beauty and realism of his work.
There were a series of sketches of robes and parts of robes. You could see that he wanted to catch exactly how fabric moved or fell along the human body. The first one I looked at appeared as a piece of fabric from a distance and not a drawing. I swear it looked three dimensional.
Some of his anatomy sketches, especially his hands, were just unbelievable.
His war horses in armor were so life like you wanted to touch them.
It is so hard to believe this work is over 500 years old!
My favorites were the sketches of people. The one above is just called "The Lady". It is so life like. There is absolutely nothing in the picture that would identify her as a noblewoman but some how he shows you and there is no doubt that she is.

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