Saturday, May 19, 2007

When I Still Had an Ass

In 2004 we went on a cross country trip and the picture at the left is the only picture on the entire trip that my daughter took. Literally, my ass and a horse's ass!

My wife and I drove our motorhome to Santa Cruz, California to see our son and daughter in law and Kate flew out and met us. We spent 10 days there.

When we left we travelled through Yosemite to Mina ,Nevada and then on to 3 nights in Las Vegas. Grand Canyon was next. Onward to Bryce Canyon, Utah, where we rode 4-wheelers and Kate snapped the "asses" shot. Jeeping in Ouray, Colorado and then an August ice storm in Cripple Creek. We took this as a sign to head on home.

All that and all she has is a picture of my ass and a horse's ass! You think there's a message here?

No, not really but it does sum up my daughter's humor. Which I'd like to think I had something to do with. Our albums are full of pictures I've taken of her and her brother with things comimg out of their heads - the Washington Monument etc.

She's always had a knack of making me laugh. She's got the typical New Yorker sarcasm coupled with a great sense of humor. Since she was a toddler she would go into hysterical laughter whenever someone farted or burped. Unfortunately she perfected these bodily function noises.

Funny she is - lady like not so much.

Today my daughter is graduating from SUNY at Oswego, so naturally I'm thinking of her and I am so proud of her. Anyone can take a meaningless picture of the Grand Canyon or a Colorado sunset - it takes a great kid to make a father laugh while looking at his own ass while thinking of his daughter! When I look at the scenic pictures we've taken over the years, I think of the place. Forever, when I look at the picture above I'll think of Kate!

I Love You Kate!