Tuesday, May 8, 2007


I love the sound and lyrics of the blues! I always have.
"when I tip toe in'a house, high as a kite,
I'd rather face a
tiger than face my wife. She's the
nosleepen'est woman I eeever did see. My foot hits the front step and she knows it's me!
oooh baby!"
That one's T-Bone Walker.
The pictures are Buddy Guy,left and Jr. Wells to the right. Both are great bluesmen on their own but better when they toured together.
My favorite Buddy is "While you were stepped out". GREAT, I MEAN ALL-TIME, ALL-STAR GREAT LYRICS.
" I got a new way of of wearing my hair.
The big smile on my face
YOU didn't put it there !
OOh baby!
you just take me back out where you been
'cause while you was slippin out
someone else was slippin in."
Bluesmen all - Albert King" Born under a bad sign", Keb Mo, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Elmore James "Shake your money maker" and Stevie Ray Vaughn" Texas Flood". There aren't that many blues women that I enjoy - Rory Block and Bonnie Raitt come to mind quickest.
There's just something about a raspy whisky voice and a loud wailing guitar screaming the 12 bars with a turn around that just gets you in the pit of your soul! The beat of the drums and the thumping bass line just get your foot tapping and your butt moving. It's primal.
I listen to the blues every day while I'm on the computer or reading. Channel 1260 on Time Warner Cable.
I'll leave you with some more great lyrics.
"She stayed out last night
and ya know she just walked in
but the little girl she's gettin ready
she's going back out again
I said wait one minute baby
just before you go
she didn't even look at me baby ya know
she act like a fool she walked right out the door
I took a peek through my window
an whatta ya think I seen
my baby sat beside another man
in a loooong black limosine
I said it's your time, it's your time woman
Lord but I got a feelin it's goin ta be mine time
after awhile
oh baby, yes it is!"
You try to sing that one Josh Grogan!

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Nick Marino said...

And don't forget Howlin' Wolf and Mississippi John Hurt. Blind Lemon Jefferson was no slouch either!