Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fun Series #6 - " Winey Bubbles "

This is actually the beginning of a 3 part series with in the Fun Series series.
We'll start with the morning segment.

Nick and I have never been formally arrested for any acts; we have come close a few times. This day was the closest. We were actually in custody - briefly.

It started on a beautiful summer morning in 1966. Kurt, my older brother by 5 years, Nick and I went swimming. The morning started innocently enough.

My brother had a Fiat Spyder convertible; a 2 seater sports car with a jump seat. We put a picnic basket and a cooler in the trunk and headed for Zwicklebauer's Hofbrau at Warner's Lake.

We set up a blanket on the beach and spent most of the early morning swimming and drinking beer and homemade wine.

I was 16, Nick 17 and Kurt 21. The drinking age was 18 but no one paid much attention. The two of us not being the practiced drinker that my brother was never ate anything. With sun and heat we got tipsy pretty fast.
The attraction of Warner's Lake is its crystal clarity. It's a small mountain glacial lake in the Heldeberg Mountains south east of Albany, New York. Nick was starting to turn a bright red and I started to feel really hot so we just sat neck deep in the lake goofing around.
I looked over and Nick was heading out in to deeper water. He looked really pale. He went under and didn't come up quickly so I went under just in time to see him barf under water! I don't know if it was my own buzz but it looked cool! All these purple bubbles popping under water and when they reached the surface they spread out like and oil slick.
This was definitely one of those, " you had to be there " things but we found it hilarious. It also got us out of the water. We ate something and made one of those brilliant "under the influence" decisions - let's go some where and drink some more and let's have the drunkest drive!
We decided on the College Inn on Saratoga Lake.
TO BE CONTINUED................................

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Nick Marino said...

This could have been a mini series, but no one would believe it. God, were we sick. Nothing like drinking on a hot day on an empty stomach.I still get queasy thinking about it.