Thursday, July 12, 2007

"You Never Forget the First One"

The cars above are 1964 Corvettes; the top is a roadster and the bottom the coupe. In 1966 my father and I bought a roadster and believe it or not, it cost us $2700. It was the color of the bottom picture - " satin silver" with navy blue leather seats. It was a 327 cu. in., 325 h.p., with a four speed transmission. It was the first car I ever owned with an am-fm radio. I didn't even know what fm was and the only fm station I could pick up was WRPI in Troy.The engine was ported, polished, balanced, blue printed, had a 3/4 race cam, Holley double pumper with an Edelbrock hi-rise manifold and Mickey Thompson headers. This car screamed! Fortunately gas was about 30 cents a gallon.
I just about lived in this vehicle. 40 years later people still ask me about it. My father sold it when I was in the service. I came home and there was a brand new Chevy Malibu in the garage. It gone though for good - the kid that bought it hit bridge abutment and totalled it.
God I loved that car!

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Nick Marino said...

If we had the 'vette and the '66 T-Bird, Two Idiots would have been the envy of Rotterdam.
Add up all the cars we both owned.We probably could have paid off the debt of a small third world country!