Sunday, July 22, 2007

"You Ain't Gonna Believe This - Again!"

I am now on my 4th lift chair. At least each one has died a different death. So, there's been
variety in my anxiety.
#1 literally broke and crashed in the down position in April.
#2 broke in the up position in July.
#3 died slowly but with panache. After #1 & #2 we decided to buy new since the others were loaners from the ALS Center. It cost $1100. In the first week it lost power and the service man came. Parts were ordered. The new parts didn't work so, more parts were ordered. The new parts worked for less than a week! This chair would go up or down without anyone pushing the button. Of course it was a Saturday and I had to abuse the on call service man to get any satisfaction. They came and switched #3 and #4 and it's still July. I'm averaging 1 a month.
Is it possible that my butt is possessed or haunted by a comedic poltergiest? Could it be the ghosts of all those pond frogs we bb'd? Maybe it's the parents of all those kids we harassed or maybe just Helen Bailie or Hatty Zubal! Kathy says it's my "Mexican barking spyders", this is what I used to call a fart when my kids were little. She may have something, I have noticed an odor now and then.

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Nick Marino said...

It has to be Baily's grandmother, coming back for her flashlight. So there!