Friday, July 6, 2007


Yesterday I did something really stupid, knowing the whole time that it was stupid. That's what makes it so stupid.
When I first saw the cartoon above, I thought of my father. Every night after dinner Bud would go in the bathroom with a magazine and his Camel cigarettes. Our housing development started to be built in the late 1940's, so we had a window in the bathroom but no fan. Let's just say no one wanted to follow Bud! As a teen I would volunteer only because I could get in a smoke without getting caught.
Well on with my "stupid" story.
Kat had an evening appointment at 5:30 and left the house about 5. The last thing she did was give me the phone. She feels better when I have the phone when I'm alone. She told me she'd be back at 7.
About 5:20, I had to go to the bathroom. As most of you know this is an adventure for me! I got up with the lift/recliner, transferred to the stair lift with my walker, up the stairs, transferred to the electric wheelchair, in to the bathroom and transfer to the toilet. Did my business and then tried to get up to transfer back to the wheelchair.
I used to work with a man named Mike Sudolski. We used to call him the "Polock" simply because he would do stupid stuff and then come to work and tell us. This story I feel Like Mike!!
I realized, almost immediately, that I wasn't able to get up on my own.
This only happens occassionally but I can tell right away. It has to do with fatigue. Some times I can tell before hand, others not.
I had to wait 1 hour and 20 minutes until Kat got back at 6:40!
Now you know me. I didn't just sit there calmly waiting. I tried everything I could think of - I even tried to stand on the foot pads of the electric chair and tilted it to try to lift me - I yelled to Dozer to get help, you know like "Lassie get help Timmy's in the well." Nothing!
I then concentrated on not allowing my legs to fall asleep. I rocked my butt cheeks back and forth and raised and lowered my legs to keep the blood flowing. It's now the next morning and I can still feel a circle on my butt!
Of course I did not bring the telephone with me! As you can Imagine, I've had a "talking to", threats were made and I will now travel with the phone. You all be ready for the "I'm stuck and can't get up" call.
I hope some one learns from my stupidity' If you know your limitations, live within them. Just like Dirty Harry - "Unless you feel Lucky, Punk."


Nick Marino said...

If I was there, I would have videotaped the entire incident, but I would have helped....after I ran out of film!!

Ricki Lewis said...

Not stupid, only a teenage girl would think to bring a phone into the bathroom. Now you can be like one of those fancy hotels that have phones next to the bowl.