Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"The Sound of Popping Corn"

Every night I hear, " put..pu..pop...pop..puta...phut...", the wife making popcorn. 40 years ago it was hot oil in a big pot with lots of butter. Next it was an electric popper with oil and lots of butter, then less butter. Eventually, post children, the move was made to an air popper still butter. Finally, the air popper no butter.
She lost me with the last step - popcorn no butter! Not on your life!
Where ever we went there was popcorn in her hands - movies, drive -ins, fairs, theme parks, truck stops, cruise ships, country stores........... She had it in a box, butter cup, paper bag, plastic bag, cellophane bag, big can, bowl, pot.............. Our daughter used to think that we had parties after she went to bed because she'd find evidence in the morning!
So when she turned 50 I decided to get her something special. Our basement is built out with a bar, so I bought her a theater sized popper at no small expense. It smelled fabulously. My friends and I would play cards, drink and eat some popcorn like in a real bar. She used it once!
She said it upset her stomach - "my ass!" I say. The old girl has had more popcorn pass through her than regular food.
She didn't want to clean it.
She's back to an electric popper. The bar one is in a home that appreciates it.

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Nick Marino said...

Extra butter, extra napkins and extra beer, extra cold. What time?