Monday, July 30, 2007

"Hoist that Load"

On the left- a car motor lift On the right-a people lift

Friday night I had a fall and they got me up using a Hoyer lift. I told the nurse and my wife that I felt like a car engine being pulled from the engine compartment! Looking at the pictures you'll see a piston on each lift. The car lift is electric the people one is like a car jack. A pad goes under you and they hook straps to the hoist and "jack you up." Then you're rolled to the drop point. (I didn't care for that phrase) You're centered on the chair or bed and lowered in place.

It also reminded me of my Aircrew training - moving effortlessly room to room, like flying in a Huey bag or basket.

I can stand with aid but my last steps have been taken. It will be all lift and wheelchair now. It's o.k. , at least I can get around. My kids moved my Kraftmatic bed, yes I have the vibrating magic fingers feature, to the living room. This way I have fewer transfers.

It is truly amazing what apparatus and things are out there to assist the handicapped. My mobility has changed but this stuff helps maintain my quality of life. I may look different but I'm still me.

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Nick Marino said...

We wouldn't have it any other way.