Monday, July 9, 2007

This weekend I watched some of the Earth Live concert and saw all the stats on plastic water bottles. They talked about how much energy can be saved if we would refill an empty bottle. I've never understood why we bought water. Rotterdam, New York, where I grew up, still has award winning tap water. No lie! It was actually decided in a blind taste test.
When I was a kid if you were thirsty you drank water. In grade school we had the old fashioned porceline drinking fountains with the silver handle. It wasn't even cooled. Junior High and High School you knew better than to drink from them. We even had one outside at Bigsbee School near the playground.
Everyone had a "water bottle" in the refrigerator so you'd have really cold water.
Sometimes if you needed to, you drank directly from the outside faucet on the house. You know you're old if you can remember the taste of water from a garden hose - how about the taste of warm water from a garden hose! Yuck!
So just a thought - how about we all stop buying bottled water?

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Nick Marino said...

You would solve one of the worlds largest waste problems, millions upon millions of empty plastic bottles....and the numbers grow each day.
Like George Carlin said, if you're thirsty, take a drink before you leave the house instead of walking around like a jackass carrying your own "personal water bottle".