Friday, July 20, 2007

"Retraction on Distraction"

I received numerous comments on yesterday's blog. My daughter blames beer and rain for her cell dilema. It was organic yogurt; French Vanilla but after drying out or coagulating his cell now works!
Also, I was reminded of some distractions that we did have. We used to install "reverberators" on our car radios. It made the radio sound like it was in an echo chamber. It wasn't right for every song so you constantly turned it off and on. I was also reminded what a pain in the ass I was! Nick reminded me about the time we were on Altamont Ave and I turned his car off and threw his keys out of the window.
My best was in the '70's when he had a huge fully optioned Pontiac. Inside the glove box was a button that would electrically open the trunk. I would push it at every opportunity.
Lastly, we used to turn everything on - the heat, radio as loud as it could go and the wipers. When some started the car they would all come on.

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Nick Marino said...

Now that you joggled my memory, payback will be a bitch. Check your cigars, scotch AND your toilet. M80's are still relatively easy to get.Crap going backwards, from it's original origin, is not a pretty sight!