Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Roy Rules"

For you young snots that have no idea, this is Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger. For my 10th birthday my mother and father took me to New York City to the old Madison Square Garden to see a rodeo. Roy and Trigger made an appearance. The ushers got all the little kids down near the fence and we were allowed to pet Trigger as he went by ever so slowly. That was almost 48 years ago and I can still feel his Palomino coat if I close my eyes.

Roy Rogers was my hero. His show was on every Saturday and I wouldn't go anywhere until it was over. I would always sing "Happy Trails to You", at the end, with Dale Evans and Roy.
I want to share the ROY ROGER'S RIDERS CLUB RULES with you:

  1. be neat and clean

  2. be courteous and polite

  3. always listen to your parents

  4. protect the weak and help them

  5. be brave, but never take chances

  6. study hard and learn all that you can

  7. be kind to animals and care for them

  8. eat all your food and don't waste any

  9. love God and go to Sunday school regularly.

  10. always respect our flag and country.

" I reck'n I did em all. That's right varmint. I was a good boy.....Hell, it don't say noth'n 'bout no whiskey, women chas'n, smok'n, cuss'n, drink'n, raslin, tobacky chew'n, danc'n or loud sing'n! Does it? You flea bitten galoot! So there, this town aint big 'nough for the both of us, draw partner, slap leather, cut'em off at the pass, "You, Johnny, stay with the horses", you back shoot'n weasel, stay away from the School Marm, but that's injun territory, thank ya Mam, beer for my men & whiskey for my horses, don't care who it is - the gun stays at the town line.........."

Had enough? Oh really!

" It's the calvary, he's a gun for the double bar t ranch, stagecoach's a come'n, they dun robbed the bank, get the women in the back, not in my town, hurt real bad, them's injun tracks, where'd you get that saddle, reach for the sky, hired hand, tie um up boys, string'm up boys, shoot'm boys, hold'm for me boys, keep those hands up, throw down the strong box, give me the money, get a posse and follow'm, we're gonna have us a hang'n, he's plum loco, Pa get your gun............"


Nick Marino said...

Any Lagavulin left???

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