Thursday, July 26, 2007


A friend shared with me that years ago another person we know wrote her a letter not only questioning her converting to her husband's faith but telling her by giving up Christ she would not go to heaven. The more I think about this the angrier I become! Rattling around my head are phrases and words like holy war, pogrom, crusade, Dachau, Crucifixion,
hate, ignorance, jihad............................
First of all it shows a lack of understanding of Christianity. I believe that's the last thing Christ would say.
It also shows disrespect and lack of understanding of one of the world's oldest religions - Judaism. Jesus of Nazareth was a Rabbi = Jewish. So does this person equate Christianity with being antisemitic? Jesus was preaching his religion to the common man. He took it to the street not the temples. There was no Christianity until after, when man made it a religion!
I was raised Christian and became Catholic by choice. I even worked for the Albany Diocese for along time. Knowing I was a lapsed Catholic, non - church attender, Bishop Hubbard had a running joke with me. In meetings he would ask," Glenn, what parish do you belong to?"
I'd always answer," I live in the St. Gabrial's Parish, Father." He'd laugh each time.
One time when I was driving him somewhere he told me that even though I wasn't going to church it was all right since I lived my religion and that I was a better person for it. I believe that.
Back to the point. So, if you are not Christian you go to hell. JUMP'N JESUS H. CHRIST HOW STUPID IS THAT? That takes out most of the world.
The person who wrote the letter would tell you she's a good person and she is; she's just very poorly informed and must have blind faith. That makes you a robot not a thinker. I know she's
reading the King Jame's Version, it's a version! Not etched in stone, no burning bush; a bunch of men sat down and decided what would go in their version. So if you are following "the word" you need to check out whose mouth it comes out of.
Just be a nice person and follow the big 10 - by the way they're from the Old Testament.
{Janice - if you don't get it call me and I'll explain it veeerry sloooooooooooowly tooooooooo youu}

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