Friday, July 13, 2007


This is LuLu from Louisville, Kentucky. Yes, I do realize that there are no parrots indigenous to Kentucky! Her species is from South Africa but I actually bought her when she was still an egg from a breeder. He hatched her and her brother and after they were weened he hand fed them . She was shipped to me when she was 4 months old. LuLu flew up here on her own - no - American Airlines, in a crate!
LuLu can mimic cellphone rings, a "wolf whistle" and the "come here" whistle. We were a little worried about what her first words might be since her cage is right next to my chair. Since they tend to learn through repetition, it's lucky that it appears my most used words are Kathy, Kate and Kat . LuLu also is close to saying "scratchy scratch", what we say when she wants a feather rub, "knuk,knuk.knuk"and "LuLu."
I spend alot of time with her and she's very entertaining. The only downside is she's a really sloppy eater. Her food goes every where.
If you are looking for a different kind of pet , I highly recommend a "hand fed" parrot. The "hand fed part" is critical. They are used to people and will "step up" on to your hand willingly. She loves our Lab. She's always flying down to the floor and trying to climb on him.He's not thrilled but does tolerate her.

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Smart money is on Dozer.