Saturday, July 28, 2007


We were talking '50's and early '60's and came up with this list of toys and stuff you had to have.
  • hula hoop
  • slinky
  • frisbee
  • silly putty
  • coon skin cap
  • cap gun
  • tang
  • Dr.Seus book
  • comic books
  • baseball cards + gum (also for bike spokes)
  • 3-D movies + glasses
  • transitor radio
  • rockets
  • sling shot
  • Red Ryder BB gun
  • 3-speed bike
  • bike handle bar streamers
  • Revel car models
  • 45 rpm records/331/3 rpm Hi Fi albums
  • pocket knife
  • roller skates
  • baseball bat, glove, ball, hat
  • basketball, football
  • sled or saucer
  • ice skates
  • Stolen Playboy magazines
  • black Chuck Taylor's
  • Tonka heavy equipment
  • plastic WWII soldiers and tanks etc.
  • plastic cowboys and Indians
  • chemistry set
  • Black buckle rain and snow boots
  • bright yellow buckle rain gear
  • green rubber "hunting boots"
  • earflap winter hat
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Cooties game
  • Sorry game
  • hobby horse (the one on springs)
  • fishing gear
  • a cool lunch box
  • a girl to have a crush on ( my first Janine, in kindergarten)

I'm sure there are many more but that's what I got!



Nick Marino said...

Wax buck teeth; candy cigarettes,nik-l-lip, Bosco; Nestles Quick; flavor straws; fizzies; captain video mood ring; Elvis Presley buble gum cards; Bazooka Gum tatoos; wax red lips; pegged pants; baby duck cordovan shoes;Beatle jacket; fairy l0op on back of a shirt; suicide knob for bike handlebar; bike siren; rubber band pistol; vitalis; brylcream; black PF Flyers; stickball bat;
bike saddlebags and this list will be continued Sunday!

Nick Marino said...

Also....varsity letter sweater; rocket shaped squirt gun; sen-sen mints; crystal radio kit; fire hydrant wrench; slingshot & cats eye marbles; kazoo; Davy Crocket pajamas, matching sheets and pillow case; vial of fake blood; whirly bird helicopter; kite attached to fishing pole; Frankenstein mask; clearsil for zits; Richie Ashburn baseball card; your own lyrics to "Louie Louie"; handshake buzzer; extra skate key; Zorro mask, cape and curtain rod (to be used as a sword); transfers for the Carmen-Hamburg bus and last but not least.....a tree fort!