Thursday, July 19, 2007


I heard on the news that 5 young women were killed in a car accident near Rochester because the driver was text messaging while driving. Is that freak'n crazy or what? When I was a kid the radio was an option. Not the fanciness of the radio, the radio itself. Many families had cars with no radios.

Today cars have hands free cell phones, On-Star, radios, satellite radios, cd players, dvd players, playstations; some large vehicles have multiple items, and GPS systems. Now your cell phone can play music, videos, games, take picture and videos, text message, store info and take notes - oh yea, it's a phone too!

The distractions to driving are numerous before even adding a phone. Plus the cars are faster and more powerful today.

My wife and I worry about our kids but neither can keep a cell phone very long. Our daughter may have a record - she lost three in a two week stretch and our son destroyed his latest in three days. You ready for this - it died in a tub of yogurt! I believe it was organic. You think it may have been the bacteria?


Kate said...

Hey, Im going on a year and half with this phone- thats a personal accomplishment. And those other three weren't really my fault. They were all casualties of water incidents. Okay- the first two was the fault of the beers I drank before I dropped them in lake- but the third was rain!

Nick Marino said...

You stand corrected! A considerable amount of time was spent in an attempt to get the $10 Two Guys reverberator "just right". Not to mention the time you took the keys out of my ignition and threw them out the window while I was driving on Altamont Ave. That was a MAJOR distraction, to everyone but us!

Nick Marino said...

No excuse Kate. I agree with your Dad. GUILTY!!! You probably drank the wrong kind of beer! Do we have to teach you kids everything???

glenn said...

it was non fat organic french vanilla.

Nick Marino said...

OOPS! My Apologies! I assumed it was Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey.Which by the way, is one of my favorites!