Monday, June 4, 2007

" Lock the Bastard Up! "

It's waayyyyy past the time to start holding these multi - millionaire thug athletes accountable for their behavior. The team owners have accountability too! They hire these classless socially illiterate people and then want to make excuses for them. They knew what was up when they drafted them.

They groom the athlete's sense of entitlement by kissing their asses before they're hired. Then want to make the excuse that they are from a single parent inner city project family - "well you can just BITE ME!" You knew they had a baby's momma and about their sealed juvey record. The freak'n Governor pardoned Allen Iverson so he could play. They get caught with guns, drugs, women, felons, have DUI's and DWI'S, they go into the stands and assault people..........
and the conversation is about IF something should be done.

I was a coach, classroom teacher and school administrator, so I speak from experience. Many inner city single parent athletes are great kids with wonderful homes and phenomenal parental
guidance, so there is a choice for colleges and professional teams. Any educator, in any school, anywhere, can tell you about a student's potential. We know at an early age which families support their children and which don't. Can it change over time - yes - but it usually doesn't. By highschool really good athletes are already honing their sense of entitlement. Teachers do not grade them the same as others, administrators cut them slack and other students build their ego's.

Many colleges nurture their teams by having a family like environment - firm but fair! Why not spend a few million on this pro teams? Ask how Emmet Smith, Jerry Rice, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul Jabar....................... did it. There are alot of sucessful pro role models - use them to help the others.

The message that they get is "as long as I produce I can do whatever I want" and the teams encourage this behavior by not doing anything. Sure they fine them or suspend them and they lose money but what is a few thousand to a guy that makes millions?

My opinion - if Mike Vick is found guilty of staging dog fights and burying the bodies - fire the bastard and put him in a pit handcuffed with 5 or 6 steaks hung around his neck and a couple racks of ribs around his ass and throw some pit bulls in after him. See how he likes it!


Anonymous said...

note on pronunciation: the s on baby's momma is silent

Nick Marino said...

Now THAT'S funny!