Thursday, June 14, 2007

" They are Watching You"

Kids don't start smoking because advertising is geared for them, any more than they eat sugary cereals due to it either! They do it because their parents smoke and buy the cereals.

It always starts with the parents - young children's role models. Few parents want to take responsibility though.

When I was a kid, I started smoking by taking the longest cigarette butts out of the ash trays. I then moved on to just stealing them from my parents. Most every adult I knew smoked. It was the 1950's.

I started sneaking puffs on the butts when I was about 8 years old and by the time I was a teen I was smoking almost a pack a day. Finally, I quit in the mid - 70's. Still that was a 15 year habit.

The idea that I had a problem popped into my head when one morning I realized that I was smoking "IN THE SHOWER." My wife never smoked and I found myself smoking only outside the house. I eventually quit - cigarettes.

Cigars - now that's something else. Both my parent's families were cigar smokers. I grew up being told that nothing was better than a cigar and scotch on the rocks to relax. I was way a head of the curve when the cigar craze hit! When trout fishing in the Adirondacks it is imperative to smoke a cigar to keep the black flies away.

My favorite "daily" cigar is a Dominican Cuesta Rey robusto and my special all time favorite is a Cuban Montecristo Pyramid #2. Yeah Daddy! A double shot of single malt with one good sized ice cube and it's heaven.

But I digress!

I can close this one quickly - getting turned on to tobacco is just like drugs -it is either a family member or friend that gives you the start. Also, have you ever seen a drinker or druggy that didn't smoke? This is why tobacco is considered a gateway drug. This is one of the Partnership for a Drug free America projects. They are trying to educate parents that they teach everything!

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Nick Marino said...

Double Lagavulin, no ice,Monte Cristo,Yankee game,good company, no women!