Saturday, April 28, 2007


When I was responsible for the supervision of staff, I used to watch to see which people were focused and which weren't. Some were obsessive and others just good at looking busy. Others were just slackers.

This picture could be representative of anyone of them!

Was the driver of the paint truck so obsessed with completing his task he just wouldn't stop or was he not attentive? Was he a slacker who got a kick out of leaving his stamp? Only the opossum could tell us for sure.

So how would you evaluate the quality of his work? What criteria would you use? The job did get done. So is it a good job? I think about the old saying ,"Good enough for government work!" It can't be rated a great job - although it is funny in a sick way.

I guess the real test will be for the animal control guy that picks up road kill.

EXCELLENT RATING - if he fills in missing yellow lines.

FAIR RATING - if he doesn't

POOR RATING - if he doesn't show at all.

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