Monday, April 23, 2007


Watching the news the other night, I saw the newscaster speaking with "people on the street". The topic isn't important. What struck me was that the regular man and woman made more sense than the public officials being reported about. You're right, this is not unusual at all.
I take the David Letterman approach to politics - just laugh at them and give them a "big ass ham" cause that's all they are anyway. He wacks Bush every night with GREAT MOMENTS IN PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHES. We get clips of him stuttering and babbling through his most recent speech . But this is the man who is responsible for overseeing our health care, military, environmental, constitutional and legislative policies.
Is this right? Not what Dave does but how Bush portrays our leader's image; a dumbed down version of his father. No wonder foriegn people laugh. ( I'll be nice and not mention laughing Americans)
Another thing that just scares the hell out of me are the people who base decisions on the opinions of the likes of celebrities like Rosie, Oprah, Montel, Sting, Bono, etc. These people are so well known they only need one name! What gives them the right to politic? Jesus H. Christ - paleeze -because of their fame? I agree with the idea that they should use the fame for good but one has to be selective with the people and opinions that they choose to support. Many people just follow them blindly. I'll never understand it. They are good at what they do but that doesn't mean that an actor should be govenor or president. OOPS!
I know , it's a Democracy.
But is it really?
I've been married for 37 years and we tried to have a democratic relationship. I'm not sure exactly when it happened but my wife held a bloodless coup after which I became her subject. She rules fairly, I have certain rights and liberties and know the capital offenses. Well most of them. They do change occasionally and without warning. I view her as a benevolent monarch.
Our government, on many levels, operates the same way. You support someone by voting for them because you are attracted to their views and ideas and before you know it they are in office and you've lost your golf league privileges! No, sorry, that's the wife. Let me start again - ... before you know it you've lost a civil liberty.
I wouldn't live any where else!
(You decide which one I meant)

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Fred Bradt said...

I am Glens brother in lay and I have enjoyed all his Blogs.
I can remember when Gleen had his own car,wallet,money, ect.
This is a inside joke and I know Gleen will enjoy it . Glen you da man ...