Sunday, April 22, 2007


------------------------ Bryce Canyon, Utah 2004-----------------------------------
Did you know that horses stop to pee? I don't know if all horses do this or not, I'm not a horseman, but this guy stopped dead every time he peed. This caused me some problems during our ride cause he never bothered to tell me when he was going to do this. Of course he never did this on any flat land it had to be on an incline or decline.
The first time was up hill and he had me leaning backwards holding on to the saddle horn for dear life and when he let loose it was, let's just say, like a firehose. I was in awe of his ability to even hold this quanity of fluid. It went down hill like a levy burst.
Did you know that horses who stop to pee, when finished, take off after the horse in front of them at Mach speed? Me either.
The second time he did it I was not prepared either. He went for so long I asked him if he needed some reading material. Again, off like a rocket, snapping me like a whip, to now pass the horse in front of us. Awed again but this time I was wondering where it all came from since he hadn't had anything to drink. I'd had beer drinking nights like this - you know the old "you don't buy beer you just rent it."
In the picture you can see my wife and me laughing - I'd just told her that we needed to leave before he pooped. I didn't want to be a part of that experience!

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