Thursday, September 6, 2007

Two Idiots Volume II - Mohawk Drive In aka The Passion Pit

The Mohawk Drive In was one of six located in our area, but was, by far, our favorite. Glenn can remember when he used to go there with his parents, in his "feety pajamas". Our fondest memories were as teenagers, when there were two kinds of drive-in trips. The first was the "all male" trip, where you brought food, beer, booze and a few bodies hidden in the trunk. Of course, frequent drinking led to frequent "monster bleeding". The long trip back from the "head" was really a "recon" mission, listening for moaning,heavy breathing or the always present foggy windows. Once contact was initiated,our first responsibility was to gawk, next, as a recon squad, violently rock the car and make a beeline back to ours. The mission was considered extremely successful if you recognized the car and it's occupants.
The other kind of trip was every adolescents night at the passion pit. As Junior High students, we would listen to the stories older teenage boys would tell. However, asking for a date was one thing, getting one was another. The dynamic duo,(aka Two Idiots), were well known for "hit & run"), so parents were skeptical to send their innocent daughters ANYWHERE with us, let alone a drive-in. We were left with no alternative but to leave the confines of Rotterdam and attempt to pick the fruit from distant trees. Once successful, testosterone knew no bounds and Mount Pleasant and Notre Dame became targets of interest. Once secured, we were off.
What was playing and what time it started did not matter. we were there, on our own turf and it was "D-Day". After successful window fogging, it was time for smoke and a snack. Paying more attention to our appetites than our dates, it was off to the concession stand, while they visited the ladies room, always together. We usually just bought popcorn and a soda, since the food looked NOTHING like what was shown on the screen. One thing we learned early, never go to the concession stand during intermission. Between bugs, beer farts and Glenns less than hygenic date, the night stayed with us long after we returned home.
Scoring was usually first and second base, with the occasional triple and lets just say we wern't "long ball" hitters. However, batting for average, the hits added up and it wasn't long before we "stole home".
Summer soon led to Fall, and the cooler weather forced us indoors after school, but that's another chapter in the life of the Two Idiots.

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