Thursday, August 30, 2007


Alot of people have become concerned about my spirituality lately. I've been searching the web for further insight.
Above is Hotei or "the Laughing Buddha". I thought "hotei' was how Buckwheat said O.K.
When you first read Buddist teachings it sounds like you would imagine Yogi Berra or Homer Simpson might sound trying to explain the theory of relativity.
"There is no tommorow or yesterday, only today." So why do we need newspapers or weather forecasts? "The road of life winds uphill." Turn around - aaaaah - like downhill dude! "Listen for the sound of one hand clapping." Still listening?
Hotei is the God of good fortune and the guardian of children. The belly is the "center" of strength, so it is large to signify his abundance of inner wealth and a joy filled soul. His ears are big because he's all hearing. Rubbing his belly is supposed to bring good luck. The bag over his shoulder is for alms. Is he an eastern Santa?
I've been reading alot of religious material, tomorrow - Zorastrianism!

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